As a business owner, if you keep your business books, you need to know the general principles of bookkeeping. If you do not know these rules, it is recommended to seek help from a trusted bookkeeper. This is because bookkeepers follow bookkeeping principles to manage a company's finances. You can also find the best bookkeeper to hire in Melbourne. A bookkeeper keeps track of the flow of money in and out of a business in the form of expenses or income. In today's blog, we will discuss how bookkeepers can help you manage your business's finances by following bookkeeping principles.

General principles of bookkeeping followed by the bookkeeper.

The basic principle of bookkeeping is to record every financial transaction. The bookkeeper ensures that all financial transactions are kept and covered. Here are some important principles that all bookkeepers should follow:

Cost principles

Determines when the bookkeeper enters a transaction as an expense in the trade ledger. It refers to expenses incurred when a company receives services or goods from other people.

Income principle

The revenue principle refers to when the bookkeeper records the transaction as revenue in the business ledger. This means that the revenue will be received at the point of sale.

Prepare an income statement

An income statement or income statement is usually a summary of your business expenses and income over some time. The income statement allows the bookkeeper to:

  • Analyze and categorize expenses and income.
  • Identify areas that require further analysis.

Prepare a statement of cash flows.

A cash flow statement will help you keep track of cash flow in and out of your company. Most are collected monthly and at the end of the fiscal year.

Preparation of Balance Sheet

By using a balance sheet, business owners can know the financial position of their business at a specific date. You need Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Australia to successfully manage your business finances. Generally, bookkeepers prepare a balance sheet at the end of each month and/or fiscal year. When did the bookkeeper prepare the income statement and cash flow statement? A balance can be easily made. The balance sheet consists of:

  • Assets such as land, cash, buildings, stock, equipment, and cash that third parties owe to the company.
  • Liabilities such as money owed to the IRS, suppliers, credit card debt, and loans
  • Net worth is the value of the business after deducting the amount owed by the company.

How can a bookkeeper manage the finances of your business?

The bookkeeper will help you in the following ways to manage your money:

Separate personal and business accounts.

If you have an accurate record of every transaction in your business. Tax bookkeepers make it easy to prepare and file tax returns, which is why bookkeepers recommend separating corporate and personal accounts. This helps avoid confusion when keeping records. If you have a separate business account, you will easily understand the cash flow of your business. Helps you keep your financial business safe without spending money.

Check reports regularly

Good bookkeeping is beneficial for more than just tax purposes. But bookkeepers also keep track of cash flows in and out of the company. It will also help check the financial condition of the enterprise. Correct cash flow management will help you plan for the best cash flow, which is why choosing Melbourne Small Business bookkeeping is a good idea.

Don't forget to plan your taxes.

Failure to meet tax deadlines can result in penalties, fines, and lengthy audits. The bookkeeper can help you by setting an alarm. They can help you prepare everything on time or in advance to avoid unnecessary stress.

Check the bank account

If you do not settle your bank account on time. You may run into problems if you have a bookkeeper. He will be responsible for the settlement of the bank.


Bookkeeping often seems like a time-consuming task. But if you get the help of a professional and reliable bookkeeper. Bookkeeping makes it easier for you to focus on other aspects of your business and gives your bookkeeper the ability to focus on your business books. You can get professional bookkeeping services by contacting a trusted bookkeeping service provider.